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TV Tropes || Game of Thrones
Arya Stark


why do the Lannisters have such big beds?

because they push two twins together to make a king.

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queenargelladurrendon asked: house arryn or house baratheon

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


my friendship comes in 3 levels:

1) sass 

2) insults

3) inappropriate sexual humor. 

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addicted-to-leighton asked: oliver wood or cedric diggory

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make me choose Gale or Peeta

WHY DO THEY ALWAYS SLICE THEIR PALM TO GET BLOOD. do you know how many nerve endings are in your hand?!?! why don’t they ever cut the back of their arm or their leg or something omfg

me everytime a character in a movie has to get a few drops of their blood for some ritual bullshit  (via jtoday)

WHILE WE’RE AT IT, why do people try to cross those skinny bridges over lava/chasms/whatever by walking upright. IT’S CALLED CENTER OF GRAVITY. get on your hands and knees and crawl across that thing. HUG IT. SCOOT YOUR BUTT ACROSS. “but i look stupid!” lalalala but we’ll avoid that ~dramatic moment~ where you almost fall over and die because your damn fucking self wanted to look COOL

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and stop yanking IV lines out of your arms the minute you wake up in the hospital 

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That is a broadsword, why are you fencing with it

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Shoot him damnit. You have a gun. Win! Kill him! No! Don’t give him a speech!

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Also you could totally sever a tendon in your hand and it tuRNS OUT THOSE ARE IMPORTANT?!

If I blurt out “WHY would you do that?” during a thing it is probably one of these.

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it’s falling long ways so TURN AND RUN SIDEWAYS FUCK

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Fangirl Challenge: Favorite Actresses {6/10}

———► Dame Maggie Smith

Dame Maggie Smith is flawless.

christ I saw this post and I thought I was going to scroll down and see RIP

I wasn’t even scared of that until I saw that comment holy

My stomach just dropped. She’ll never die, she’s like a god.


harry potter meme ϟ  eight scenes  (7/8)

"ah well," said george, grinning at his tear-soaked mother. "you’ll be able to tell us apart now, anyway, mum."